Social Media Marketing.

Social Media has been replacing traditional media, and in the beauty industry, influencers are becoming more critical than ever in promoting new brands. Our team has the right resources to build connections in the global beauty industry for beauty brands of any size. We promote brands to gain consumer awareness and social media buzz to up their brand value.

We understand who you are

Creating a social media strategy is more than product seeding or running a sponsored ad with influencers. We take our time to truly understand the brand first – their target consumer, tone of voice, philosophy, pricing, retail channels, and marketing calendars – in order to come up with the right strategy for the brand. Consider us your internal social media team who works directly with our influencer network to build the right story and create content in English for the global market.

Organic and Unique, every content has been brainstormed and researched by a team of creative designers and strategic marketing professionals at MOST.

MOST keeps massive data of beauty influencers for major social media platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok and keeps close relationships with them.

How we work
with brands.

1. Onboarding

Through numerous strategic meetings with our partner brands, MOST finds what the brand truly wants to achieve via our social media marketing. The detailed scope, needs, and the budget for the upcoming campaigns are then discussed to create the best content for the brand.

2. Strategy and Planning (typically takes 4-5 weeks)

With the goal of creating unique yet effective content to fulfill the brand’s marketing request, MOST requires 3 to 4 weeks before executing the content on social media. During this period, social media marketing professionals and designers work as a team to strategize and plan.

3. Execution & Reporting (6 months +)

MOST selects a pool of beauty influencers that can best complement the brand’s identity and color and then prepares creative content such as photo shoots, mood boards, and the content guidelines to target the brand’s desired audience. Weekly meetings are coordinated within the internal social media team to communicate with both the brand and the influencers to carry out a successful marketing plan.

Our work.

We work as if we are the brand’s internal social media/influencer marketing division.
Our work spans across multiple social media platforms-Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.


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